Georgesons Warranty

Momentum Warranty

Drive away with complete peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on providing mechanically sound and robust products and all of the cars we supply are mechanically and cosmetically prepared to industry leading standards.

In order to give our customers reassurance and peace of mind, all of our cars are covered by the AA Dealer Promise, however that said cars are after all mechanical & electrical, and unfortunately they haven't made the car that won't break down. This is why we also offer a range of parts and labour warranties on all of our vehicles.

Customers can take comprehensive cover for up to 3 years on any of the cars we supply.

Momentum Secure is the latest, bespoke product to be added to the Momentum Warranties range of warranty products. The strength and attraction of the product is the three levels of cover which offers customers a comprehensive choice of first class warranty cover depending on their needs.

  • 1. Momentum Secure
  • 2. Momentum Secure Platinum
  • 3. Momentum Secure Platinum Plus

SECURE cover forms the extensive and solid core of the components you would expect to be covered in a motor vehicle warranty designed for the modern motor vehicle. SECURE as a stand alone product that competes at a high level against any of its contemporaries in the market place but where it really stands out is in the fact that the cover can be extended by another two levels to meet the most demanding of customer.

PLATINUM SECURE cover with the addition of all mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle that were manufacturer's original fitments alongside additional benefits including Recovery, Car Hire, Overnight Accommodation and Continental Use.

PLATINUM PLUS elevates the cover level even further by offering SECURE and PLATINUM cover with the addition of Wear and Tear cover with further additional components such as Satellite Navigation System, Multimedia, Sound Equipment, Diesel Particulate Filter, Battery and Catalytic Converter.

  • All warranties provided by Georgesons are in addition to and will not affect your statutory rights.
  • All cars purchased at the "screen price or dealer website price" will include a 12 month comprehensive warranty.
  • If the vehicle purchased has covered under 80,000 miles at the point of sale a Momentum Secure Platinum Plus warranty will be supplied.
  • If the vehicle purchased has covered over 80,000 miles at the point of sale a Momentum Secure Platinum warranty will be supplied.
  • All cars supplied at a promotional price or reduced price will be supplied with a 1 month Momentum Secure warranty.
Momentum Warranty