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Fixed Price Plans

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A Georgesons Fixed Price Service Plan allows customers to fix the cost of vehicle servicing and MOT tests for up to 4 years, and can even be structured in to a manageable monthly fixed price.

A lot of roadside breakdowns happen because motorists skip essential vehicle servicing. Research has shown that 75% of motorists make no provision to pay for their vehicle servicing requirements, with over a quarter of motorists paying more than £200 in one go for their annual service.

Ask one of our team members how you can benefit from a Georgesons Fixed Price Service Plan.

A small investment in routine servicing, plus a good inspection programme, results in a good return on that investment because of:

  • Reduced cost of repairs over the car's coming years
  • Peace of mind reducing the risk of breakdowns.
  • Will reduce your costs for repairs in the future
  • Less chance of accidents
  • The possibility of greater fuel economy and keeps the vehicle to its maximum working order