Meet our team

We've a team to be proud of here at Georgesons, and we'd like to introduce you...

Mike Georgeson
Mike Georgeson(The Guv'nor)
Managing Director

Mike's been at the helm since day dot, keeping all the cogs turning and the wheels in motion. He's the steadfast skipper, the constant captain, the leader of the cavalry. And yet he's a Red. Stumped us too.

James Vaughan
James Vaughan(The Creator)
Sales Manager

Don't be fooled by James' quick wit and bubbly persona, inside there's a Henry Ford busy working on new ways to make his customers happy. James has an extraordinary imagination, a product of which is a phonetic alphabet that utilises the words Kellogg's and Bin-lid instead of Kilo and Bravo. He recently used it with such skill, a call centre operator he was speaking to adopted it for her own use. Imagine that imagination working out how to get you the lowest monthly repayments on the car of your dreams? If anyone can, The Creator can.

Steve Pettitt
Steve Pettitt(The Faithful Jester)
Sales Executive

If you like 70s jokes and the tears of a clown, Steve's your man. Always cribbing about something, Steve makes that Monday morning feeling a daily occurrence at Georgesons. Last week Steve was implicated in tea-gate, after we found him out via our testimonials page. We discovered that while one customer happily received biscuits with the tea provided by Steve, another was forced to comment on his 'poor tea' that came, you guessed... without biscuits. We've since sent Steve on a continuity course to ensure he treats all customers the same when it comes to tea. If it wasn't for the fact that Steve is great with our customers and the most loyal person we know, tea-gate might have been the end for him.

Carol Clarke
Carol Clarke(The Adder)
Accounts Manager

Carol Vorderman changed her name from Helen after our Carol taught her all she knows, at least that's what Carol says and we've no reason to disbelieve her. Only last week she had an invite to the Palace to start George on his times tables but it was end of month for us so she had to turn it down. We're lucky to have her, we really are.

Carly Ryan
Carly Ryan(The Organiser)

Who? What? Why? Where? When? You won't hear 'The Five Ws' uttered in Georgesons, not since Carly started. Carly is to admin what Lennon was to McCartney, Torvill was to Dean and Ant is to Dec.

Christine Clarke
Christine Clarke(The Magic Fairy)

Despite dishes being left in the sink, bins being stuffed 'til they're full and Georgesons' sales staff being too busy to stop for dinner (let alone tidy up after themselves), we come in every morning to a gleaming and dust-free office. We all agreed that if this happened when we were younger, we usually also overheard our mums saying something to our dads about the magic fairy who comes to clean. So we decided that's who it must be. Christine, our magic fairy.

Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston(The Stalwart)
Service Assistant

Paul's like the Georgesons mascot. He's been with us from the beginning (well almost), done every job that exists in the business (kind of) and works tirelessly to help build the Georgesons brand (usually!) Currently he can be found in the service department, putting his years of experience and plentiful skills to use at the prep stage…it's anybody's guess where he'll turn up next, like The Littlest Hobo, ""maybe tomorrow he'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow he'll just keep moving on.'

Barry Hall
Barry Hall(The Fixer)
Head Mechanic

We could fit what Barry doesn't know about cars and how to fix them on a postage stamp. In fact, one of those gold stars teachers used to stick on your best work would probably be big enough, but if we had one we'd be sticking it on Barry's work and not writing on the back of it. Barry was born with the mark of spanner behind his left ear and could be found fixing engines every afternoon after nursery school let out. Destined for life under a bonnet it appears serendipitous that his middle name is carburettor.

Dave Dickson
Dave Dickson(The Trusty Sidekick)

Just as Batman has Robin, Cagney has Lacey and Starksy has Hutch, Barry has Dave. Their partnership might not keep crime off the streets but that doesn't diminish their effectiveness. Dave is the yin to Barry's yang, the bread to his butter and the nut to his bolt.

Colin Findlay
Colin Findlay(The Disc Jockey)
After Sales Tehnician

Just like Nicky Campbell, Colin's responsible for controlling his own wheels of fortune. Unfortunately, unlike Nicky, Colin doesn't have the help of a glamorous assistant; skill and dexterity are what create the circular masterpieces that adorn the tyres of Georgesons' cars.

Chris Bentley
Chris Bentley(The Jedi Knight)
General Sales Manager

It was like Luke Skywalker's mission in Return of the Jedi when Chris Bentley found his way back to Georgesons after a brief sabbatical at Mercedes Benz. Hans Solo (General Manager, Chris Killen) was perhaps not encased in carbonite but still fighting the battles of the Republic (Georgesons Cars) all alone. Hearing of his friend's plight and keen to help Solo achieve the success they both knew the Republic could achieve, Luke returned to Georgesons on May the Fourth to a rendition of Star Wars (Main Title) played by the London Symphony Orchestra. Ok, maybe it was actually April 4th and Steve just played the theme tune from a YouTube video on his phone but his return was still a momentous occasion!

Rebecca Carney
Rebecca Carney(The Reflector)
Sales Executive

When Georgesons found out we were set to lose our used car angel, Laura Carney, we were beyond consolation; not even the Faithful Jester could rescue us from our despair. Despite searching far and wide, no replacement was found. Just as we were about to give up hope, Laura revisited us in a dream (regular readers will remember that Laura first came to us in a dream; as a used car angel.) Anyway, Laura showed us a vision, made in her own image. She told us the vision could sell cars. She told us the vision was available for work immediately. She told us the vision makes a mean cuppa. How could we ignore such a revelation? Becky started the very next day…It's like Laura never left.

Vicky Stevens
Vicky Stevens(The Poppins)
Sales Executive

Vicky's background's in the hospitality industry and it shows. Always on hand with a smile and resolution to your problem, Vicky is Georgesons' own little Mary Poppins. Turning her hand to just about any job required to keep the cogs running, Vicky is truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Laura Carney
Laura Carney(The Comeback Queen)
Sales Executive

Having left in 2016 to have a baby, Laura's return this year has been the best comeback seen in Liverpool since that famous win in Istanbul all those years ago, selling cars like she never left. With her kind nature and chatty personality, Laura's car selling technique makes you feel at ease and from start to finish.

Luke Higham
Luke Higham(The Matchmaker)
Sales Executive

A Barber in a past life, Luke grew envious of constantly styling customers with better hair than him and turned his hand to match making - matching customers with their dream car that is! But Luke ain't no Cilla Black and Georgesons ain't no Blind Date, he'll show you all the car's best features and all the performance numbers you could ever ask for. You'll be swiping right in no time.

Ian Meacock
Ian Meacock(The Scout)
Workshop Controller

Confucius says: ""Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.' Ian's bound to be a success then given he's been well prepared for his current role through his past lives as a mechanic, MOT tester and AA inspector. Ian's well versed in what it takes to make sure the stock we fill our forecourt with is of the highest quality…he's like the royal warrant for used cars…we're thinking of getting him a stamp made with a double-headed eagle!

Abby Campbell
Abby Campbell(The Angel of the North)
Marketing Team Supervisor

Our own little Angel of the North, Abby's Geordie spirit and accent make her a perfect candidate for her marketing role here at Georgesons (it's a well-publicised fact that the Geordie accent is the most popular in the UK, in case you didn't know). In her interview, Abby impressed us all with her assertion, "Ah love te help fowk, especially fowk looking te buy a used car. I'll dee me best te help customers get a canny good deal". Oh ok, she never said any such thing and she never had a walk-on part on Byker Grove or Auf Wiedersehen Pet (for our older readers) either! But she does know how to help people, An' thatll dee fo' wer.

Danny Farrelly
Danny Farrelly(The Snapper)
Visual Merchandiser

Danny started out life at Georgesons as a valeter and found he had such a talent for making cars look good he quickly progressed to visual merchandiser. Now dedicating his days to bringing Georgesons stock to life in picture form, Danny does for our cars what David Bailey does for models - without a temper tantrum in sight!

Shaunna Doyle
Shaunna Doyle(The Hybrid)
Accounts Assistant

Shaunna is obsessed with two things; figures and good times. She's part of a very rare breed of human being who manages to balance mathematical genius with charismatic geniality. Shaunna puts 2 and 2 together and makes fun. With dual ambitions to travel the world and become a fully chartered accountant, Shaunna is determined to take her passions to their limits; we're just glad she made Georgesons her launchpad.

Martin Fry
Martin Fry(The Soul Man)
Sales Executive

Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough..' This is what we at Georgesons call ""Martin's Mantra'. Made famous 50 years ago by Marvin, Martin has taken this Motown classic to another level by adopting it as his theme tune. This is Martin's commitment to his customers, his declaration that no matter what's needed to make sure they have the best car-buying experience, it'll never be too much for Marvin. I mean Martin.

Jenny McCormack
Jenny McCormack(The Hidden Gem)
Service Receptionist

Surrounded by drivers and mechanics, Jenny brings that added bit of sparkle and glamour to the Georgesons Service and Aftersales department. A keen traveller, she's delivered us her brand of excellent customer service everywhere from Australia to Anfield. At Georgesons she organises all our new cars to ensure they're given the TLC before sale, and all existing customers have their cars serviced and maintained by Barry and the boys.

Mike Santangeli
Mike Santangeli(The Dynamo)
Service Team Manager

As a kid Mike played on the same team Wayne Rooney, but rumour has it Everton's first transfer target was Santangeli. As a Red, he says he just had to turn them down. Lucky for us, he's now captain of Georgeson's Service Department. Just like his work on the pitch, Mike never stands still for long. In fact he often appears as nothing more than a blur and a trail of smoke, as he works tirelessly to ensure Georgesons Cars are a winner.

Elliot Powell
Elliot Powell(The Mentalist)
Sales Executive

Our very own Sigmund Freud, Elliot recently graduated university with a degree in psychology, and is now using his knowledge of the mind to tap into the psyche of Georgesons customers and match our motors with the masses.

Adam Cheyne
Adam Cheyne(The Transporter)

Adam is never in once place for long! Driving our cars from A - B is what Adam does best. He keeps all our cars moving from preparation to our forecourt to customer delivery quickly and not a wheel out of place.