GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance

Having your car stolen or written-off can be worrying enough without having to grapple with your insurer over your claim.

With insurers usually paying out the current market value of your vehicle and not the price you paid for it - you can find yourself out of pocket.

Guaranteed Asset Protection, more commonly called Gap insurance, is designed to work alongside comprehensive car insurance to help you cover the shortfall.

There are different types of Gap insurance, ranging from products that help you get back what you paid for your car, to those that help you pay off any outstanding loans on the vehicle. Here at Georgesons we can provide you with Autoguard Combination GAP insurance.

What is Autoguard Combination GAP Insurance?

If your car is written off during the period of Insurance, Combined Gap Insurance can pay the difference between the amount that you receive under your motor Insurance Policy, and either the purchase price of the car or the amount of your Finance settlement figure. Autoguard Combination GAP will pay whichever is the greater amount of the two.

AutoGuard GAP Warranty