Should I buy a diesel car?

if your reading this article you'll probably know there's been a lot in the media recently about diesel cars, and the coverage hasn't been particularly positive. The media coverage has left many car buyers confused. We've heard talk about a toxin tax, manufacturer scrappage schemes and a proposed ban on diesel and petrol cars by 2040. But, what does it all mean to us now and how will it affect our wallets?
Is Diesel in Decline?
In short, no diesel still seems to be popular amongst used car buyers. Despite all the negative press coverage diesel cars are still the most searched for fuel type on Auto trader. Many drivers have carried purchasing diesel cars because of the advantages that come with the fuel type such as a smoother drive and are more fuel efficient over long distances. In a recent Autotrader report, they found that 55% of all searches on their website were for diesel cars although a large majority of people searching for diesels had seen the press coverage about the fuel type. So despite headlines covering stories of higher taxes and photos of green peace members hanging off container ships carrying the cars, diesel still seems to be popular choice amongst drivers.

What Is a Toxin Tax?
There's been a lot of talk lately about a proposed “toxin tax” but what is it? At first you may think that this is a tax that will be introduced to all diesel drivers, however, it's a charge of £10 for drivers of diesel cars entering central London. Other cities such as Birmingham, Leeds etc. are considering the charge, but, only London have confirmed they will introduce this charge by 2019. Although this is a big headline there has been a failure to mention that newer diesel cars may be exempt from these charges, as most of them meet the latest (euro 6) emission standards. So, unless you plan to drive into central London in areas that already have congestion charges then these new charges are unlikely to affect you at all.

Know your fuel type
According to Autotrader 35% of used car customers don't know the benefits of each fuel type, but by understanding what fuel type suits your driving style, you'll save money at the pump. Choosing a fuel type that suits you is all about understanding your driving style and what you are going to use the car for, this is especially important if you're a first-time driver. If you are using the car for short journeys and city driving, then you're driving style is more likely to suit a petrol engine. Alternatively, if you're going to drive long distances and you are looking to buy a bigger car like an SUV, MPV or estate car then you'll be better off choosing diesel.

What next For Diesel
It's unlikely that many of the changes that have made the headlines will affect diesel drivers soon. On average we change cars every 4 years, so it's likely you'll purchase around 5 cars before the proposed 2040 ban becomes law. My Point is this isn't something that will affect you when you purchase your next car, in fact it's likely that it will be a long time before petrol and diesel drivers see any noticeable changes in terms of extra charges. So, choose your next car based on you and your driving style and not the sensationalised headlines in the media.


4 Top Tips for Buying Your First Car.

Buying your first car is an exciting “first” for everyone! No more waiting at a bus stop in the rain. No more sharing half your seat with the smelly fella next to you. But with this comes a minefield of costs, considerations, and calculations. It feels like one wrong move and you’ll be lumbered with an unreliable old banger draining your wallet in repairs, or a something entirely unsuitable for your needs. To counter this, below are Georgesons Top Tips for buying your first car.
1. Balancing your Budget
This might sound obvious, but only buy what you can afford comfortably. You may be able to squeeze that sexy looking sports car into your budget, but if it leaves you with zero wiggle room for emergencies and you can’t afford to go anywhere in it, what’s the point?
Remember cars need insured, taxed, MOT certified, serviced, and refuelled, and these costs all vary from car to car, so make sure you can accurately total up monthly costs for any car you consider before you commit to buying.
2. Investigate Insurance
The number one, unavoidable expense that comes with a car, is insurance cover, and premiums for new drivers can be high enough to cripple that car buying ambition. The key to tackling this is to target cars that insurance companies deem “low risk”. These are cars with small engines, small bodies, are relatively common and unassuming (low risk of theft or dangerous driving).
All cars are ranked in “insurance groups” from 1 (lowest) to 50 (highest), searching for cars with low insurance groups will keep premiums as low as possible. Going into the purchase knowing the insurance is affordable is better than purchasing only to find out you’re going need to sell a kidney to cover yourself in your dream car.
3. Functional Features
Let’s be honest now, as a new driver, how many times have you successfully parallel parked? Or is it hill starts that drive you round the bend? That car with the snazzy touch screen multimedia interface looks great, but that’s not going to help when you’re rolling back at the lights! Features such as parking sensors, reversing cameras, Sat Nav and hill hold will all assist the novice driver in their first few thousand miles on the road and build up that much needed driving confidence.
4. History and Health
So, you’ve found a car. It looks good, its within budget, and insurance doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You’re ready to buy! But do you know where the car has been before it reaches you? How many drivers have been behind the wheel, and how’ve they been treating your potential new ride? Cars with pricing seem too good to be true often are. While the car’s age and mileage seem reasonable, the car may be missing services, may been in an accident, or failed numerous MOTs. Now, these types of cars aren’t all huge red flags and warning signs. Cars can be victims of owner’s circumstances and end up with lots of owners with no real reason, or be well looked after despite a missed service or MOT failure, but for the new driver with little knowledge or experience in buying a used car this can be a bit of a risk.

To overcome this, look for reassurances and guarantees from the dealership. Most dealerships will have their cars inspected mechanically before sale and will often ensure it has passed a recent MOT. Is your car still in its manufacturer’s warranty? Additional time and cover can also be purchased for added peace of mind. Remember to take all this into consideration, and do not be afraid to ask questions to the seller to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with the cars history.

Armed with the above tips, buying your first car should be a walk in the park. Do you research, ask all the questions and don’t break the bank. You’ll be on the road in no time.



As 63% of commuters are drivers it’s no wonder the journey to and from work via automobile can often be a nightmare – Georgesons can’t pretend to help make your commute any easier (other than offering you the comfort of one of our wonderful cars!) but we can bring you five Friday facts that might give you something less stressful to think about when you’re next stuck in traffic:

1. We no longer want to hear you complain about the state of play on the M6 after we tell you that back in 2010 a jam on a highway near Beijing kept cars stuck in traffic for more than A WEEK. Spanning 97 kilometres, the congestion was caused by trucks carrying coal to Beijing. Resourceful locals made the most of the situation and sold food and water to the drivers at extortionate prices.

2. The European patent office holds more than 5000 listed inventions relating to traffic lights. Who knew traffic lights had so much potential?!

3. Apparently, though we would always try to avoid a traffic jam if we had the option, we are the cause of a lot of them. Mathematicians from the University of Exeter found that the overreaction of a single driver can have enormous impact on the rest of the traffic, leading to massive delays. Heavier braking, usually caused by a driver reacting late to a problem, can affect traffic flow for many miles because that driver forces the car behind to slow down further and the next car back to reduce its speed further still. This creates a 'backward travelling wave’, which drivers may encounter many miles upstream, several minutes after it was triggered. So, next time you can avoid a last-minute break, do!

4. More lanes don’t necessarily mean less congestion. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania carried out research on expanding roads over a 10-year period and found that the amount of traffic went up following the addition of new roads. Put simply the reason for this seems to be that when it’s easier to travel, people travel more!

5. Liverpool ranks surprisingly high at 78th in TomTom’s World Traffic Index with a congestion level of 30%. Mexico City takes top spot with 66% while Dayton (Ohio) has the lowest congestion level at just 9%. Bradford and Wolverhampton make an appearance, tieing at 26% and US cities make up over a third of the index.



Each week, we’ll uncover a quintet of facts that we think our customers might be interested in, and we’ve decided to do it on Fridays because we like any opportunity for a bit of alliteration!

Here goes our first batch:

Because few people seem to know about the changes to speeding fine regulations, introduced back in April 2017, we thought we’d put together a few titbits of information around motoring legislations that might not be commonly known.

Did you know speeding fines are set using bands determined by a driver’s recorded speed? These bands incur fines equating to a % of the driver’s weekly income. So, for example, anyone earning £25,000 a year who is caught driving 51mph or above in a 30mph zone (classified as band C) will incur a fine equal to 150% of their weekly income (a minimum of £720) and 6 penalty points.

The new rules applied to speeding fines will include a cap of £2500 for those caught speeding on the motorway and £1000 everywhere else. This creates a disproportionate disadvantage for poorer drivers as it prevents as those earning over £50,000 from receiving a fine based on the set percentages.

From March 2017, the fixed penalty applied for using a mobile phone behind the wheel has doubled to £200 and a driver will also receive six penalty points. This means drivers who are within 2 years of passing their test would have their licence revoked if caught using a mobile phone while driving.

According to drivers with six points on their licence can expect their premium to rise by 76%.

The widely-criticised changes to car tax rates, that ironically see the owners of small, low-polluting cars much worse off, only applies to cars registered after April 1, 2017. So, good news if you’re in the market for a used car!


Charity of the raised

Last year Georgesons decided to begin supporting local charities by nominating a 'Charity of the Year' each year and carrying out various fundraising activities in support of each.
We chose Liverpool-based homeless charity, The Whitechapel Centre as our first Charity of the Year. For every car sold between April 2016 and April 2017 we donated a percentage of our profits; added to this were donations made in our showroom via collection cans and funds raised from a sponsored sleepover, organised by The Whitechapel Centre and completed by members of the Georgesons team.
We’re delighted to say, we raised a grand total of £4150 which we presented to Ruth McCaughley, The Whitechapel Centre's fundraising manager, at the end of April 2017. To put this into perspective, £5 pays for a cooked breakfast for 10 rough sleepers so our total would pay for 8300 breakfasts or as £50 funds 4 hours of support to a vulnerable adult, our donation would provide 332 hours of support.
Thanks to all our customers who donated via the collection cans in our showroom, your support is much appreciated.
We’ll be announcing our next Charity of the Year very soon.


Smart used car buyers shop in Liverpool

Liverpool has been named the cheapest place to buy a used car in a ranking of the most affordable and expensive cities across the UK.
According to a league table created by online automotive website, CarGurus, Scousers have access to used cars that are on average 2.3% cheaper than the national index.
The research found that if you were looking to pick up a 2013 Volkswagen Golf you’d expect to pay an average of £11,777 in Plymouth while a comparable car in Liverpool would cost just £10,755, offering a potential saving of £1,022.
CarGurus’ Sarah Welch said: “Although not all consumers will be willing to travel afar for a deal, this research shows that motorists can sometimes benefit from expanding their search radius when shopping for a bargain.”


Georgesons represents Liverpool as one of the 'Best Used Car Dealerships in the UK'

Georgesons Cars has ranked in the top 2% of best used car dealers from across the UK and Republic of Ireland, according to a poll carried out by the number one car customer satisfaction survey, Auto Express Driver Power.
Driver Power, working with Statista, one of the largest statistics portals in the world, identified the 1,000 best car dealers in the UK and Republic of Ireland from the 16,000 currently operating across the country.
Using factors such as the quality of after-sales service and ability to negotiate a good price, participating consumers rated dealerships they had some experience of, while dealerships were asked who (other than themselves) they would recommend to their family and friends.
With combined ratings and recommendations, Georgesons Cars scored an impressive 8.5 out of 10 and was the only Liverpool-based independent dealer to make it into the best 1000.
Chris Killen, General Manager of Georgesons Cars, said: “In the ‘age of the empowered consumer’ where reviews and recommendations are an increasingly important part of the purchase journey, it is essential that we’re able to inspire our customers to share their experience of us, and we do this by providing value and a consistently high level of customer service.
“Georgesons Cars’ appearance in this survey confirms that our commitment to making the car buying experience an easy and enjoyable one for all our customers is both effective and appreciated.”


Merry Christmas from Georgesons Cars...2016 is all but done!

What a year. Brexit, Trump, Bowie, and Prince. 2016 has been a year punctuated by huge losses and significant change taking place. There’s been plenty of upheaval but as always, there’s much to keep us inspired too.
At Georgesons, the changes haven’t been quite so monumental but notable nonetheless.
We updated our website at the start of the year which gave us the chance to include this blog and add a ‘Meet the Team’ page, allowing us to begin a dialogue with our customers that helps us get to know each other a little better. In the same vein, we set up a Facebook page (like us when you get chance!) and we’re using this to bring you updates on offers and news. We aim to gain valuable insight from these interactions with you to help us understand more about what you find useful, so feel free to get in touch via Facebook or for comments on the blog email
We also had a turntable photo booth installed so we can offer 360-degree views of our cars through high quality images and we’ve recently added the same for the interiors; all part of our bid to offer complete transparency by giving you the fullest detail on all our cars.
In May, we starting working with the AA and one of their mechanics has been on site since, carrying out a thorough 128-point inspection on every vehicle we advertise for sale. He’s managed to get away at evenings and weekends obviously :-) So now, through our partnership with the AA, every car we sell comes with not only the reassurance of their inspection, but also 12-months Free AA Breakdown Cover and an Experian history check to boot.
Finally, 2016 saw us start to make use of AutoTrader’s i-Control system, which tracks daily market movements in price and helps us set a pricing strategy that’s the most competitive it can be - meaning better deals for you and the reassurance for us that our prices compete with dealers not just locally, but nationally.
In short, this year has been about us partnering with other reputable brands to bring our customers transparency, efficiency, quality and reassurance. We want to make the car buying experience a better one for you and we’ll continue this work in 2017.
The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.


Charity of the Year update

We’ve reached halfway point in the goal to raise funds for our charity of the year, The Whitechapel Centre. We set our target at £5000 for this financial year and, after adding the funds we raised from our sponsored sleepout, our total now stands at £2634, including donations from profits. We’re hoping our GMs will take part in next month’s Santa Dash to boost the total further…update to follow! If you’d like to help us reach our goal for The Whitechapel Centre, you can head over to our JustGiving page at


How to Save Thousands on your next Car Purchase

Car depreciation has a simple explanation, namely the difference between what you pay for your car when you buy it and the amount you get back when you sell or trade it in. However, the simplicity of the term undermines the importance of its impact on considered running costs as depreciation accounts for approximately half of these.
A recent study carried out by independent motoring costs experts, CAP, found some disastrous depreciations in car values. It’s common knowledge that a new car’s value drops significantly in its first year and even more so by the time it reaches its third birthday, however, many car buyers fail to take this into account when deciding on their next car purchase.
The rate at which a car’s value drops varies across makes and models, but is typically between 15-35% in the first year, rising to 50% or more over three years.
Researching what cars suffer the least depreciation when buying new, keeping a low mileage and maintaining your car are all ways to help your car retain a greater value. The best tip for avoiding the dreaded steep depreciation, however, is to buy used.
At Georgesons, all cars are HPI cleared and come with an AA inspection and minimum of five months’ MOT, so not only will you save money by avoiding the drop in value associated with a new car, but you’ll also have peace of mind.



We’re always looking for ways to find out more about what our customers want and how we can improve their experience at Georgesons, and what better way to do this than ask some probing questions? We’ve put together a few, to help us gain an insight into motivations and expectations for used car buyers. And because we know your time is precious, we’d like to offer an incentive to encourage you to use some of this valuable commodity on helping us. So, for every response we get to the questions below, we’ll put a name in a draw to win a FREE service and MOT.*
Send responses to for your chance to win. Please include name and contact number. Entries will close on 30.11.2016 at 5pm and winner will be announced on 1.12.16.

1. What would be your reason to look for a new car?

2. What are the main factors that influence your decision to buy a car? (tick all that apply)

Being cheapest of its kind/Price
Low mileage
Full service history
Low monthly repayments
Getting the best price for your part exchange
Trusted dealership
Length of warranty
Features e.g. Sat Nav, Bluetooth, DAB radio

3. Of the options above which ONE most affects your decision to buy?

*Package includes oil and filter service and cost of MOT test (any items failed on MOT will be the owner’s responsibility).


When Irish eyes are smiling...

Imagine a ride on Nemesis with no lingering queue to join, a holiday abroad without the airport faff or even a new home minus the misery of a mortgage application…sound like bliss? Modern life is punctuated by lots of contradictory experiences and we’re often left feeling that anything offering pleasure must first induce pain.
At Georgesons, we look for ways to avoid the pain part, especially when considering customers: our AA inspections allow us to offer a great deal on our used cars as well as the reassurance they’ve passed an independent inspection, our finance guarantee (to match any written quotation, subject to acceptance) enables customers to find a finance solution and new car all under one roof and our part exchange pledge, to price match customers’ ‘We Buy Any Car’ final valuation, guarantees the best offer for their trade-in.
Now we’ve turned our attention to the final stage of the process, the ‘getting the car to you’ part. For most customers, this is quite straightforward, they either collect at purchase or we deliver at their request; for Republic of Ireland customers the process isn’t so easy, so Georgesons looked at how we could help.
The result of our research is a Port 2 Port service to help take care of all the administration and transport associated with exporting a car to ROI. Customers can now choose one of our cars online and arrange delivery to the port of their choice without moving from their sofa. We’re aiming to take the hassle out of the process so the hardest part for customers is deciding which of Georgesons wonderful selection most suits their needs! For more information about our Port 2 Port service go to the ROI Cars tab on our homepage where you’ll also find guidelines for legal requirements and links to useful websites.


Liverpool Sleepout - The Whitechapel Centre

This time last week we were preparing for a night sleeping outside, to help raise funds for our Charity of the Year, The Whitechapel Centre. Back then, the prospect of an October night spent braving the elements was hardly appealing, but knowing we only had to do it once (this year at least!) put things into perspective. Now a week on, having completed the challenge and raised nearly £500 in sponsorship, we’re proud to have been involved in an evening that had so little to do with the weather and sleeping conditions and so much more to do with community and education. We didn’t expect the night to make us understand what it feels like to be homeless but it did give us an opportunity to experience some of the physical discomfort associated with sleeping rough at least. Our participation also generated a lot of interest and discussion among friends, family and customers, as well as gaining their support. Shame the same can’t be said for our shelter on the night…it collapsed on top of us an hour after we put it up! For pics of the night, go to our Facebook page, Georgesons Cars.


Team Georgesons expands...Part III

Jordan Hall is the latest member of the Georgesons cast, waiting patiently in the wings to be announced. We've kept her there a little longer than we'd have liked (due to a hectic past month) but we're hoping stage fright hasn't yet set in.
Sales Executive, Jordan, came fully equipped to meet the customer service standards our customers have come to expect...she's friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and makes a perfect brew.
We posed our 'icebreaker' questions to Jordan while she made us one of her thirst-quenching cuppas:

You’re to be stranded on a desert island. What object would you most like to have with you and why?
Life-long supply of Fanta Lemon because it’s the nicest drink to have in the sun.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?
Phi Phi Island in Thailand because it looks like paradise – quiet, calm and relaxing.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?
I’d like to buy a house and have a nice home and family.

You’ve been given access to a time machine, where and when would you travel to?
I’d travel to New York in the 50s.

Growing up, what were your favourite toys to play with as a child?
Remote control cars.

And finally, if you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Friendly, lively and confident.


Team Georgesons expands...Part II

It’s taken us a little longer than expected to introduce you to our other new staff members, but we’re no less enthusiastic about their arrival. Joining Chris Bentley in the sales team are sales executives, Becky Carney and Jordan Hall. Becky is the younger sister of Senior Sales Executive, Laura Carney and since joining the team, she's confirmed two things for us; the existence of a gene that makes you more effective at selling cars and the knowledge the Carneys possess it in abundance. We put our ‘icebreaker' questions to Becky first:

You’re to be stranded on a desert island. What object would you most like to have with you and why?
Toothbrush and toothpaste because I couldn’t function on a day to day basis without them.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?
Orlando, Florida. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so it would be a perfect place to get my fix!

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?

You’ve been given access to a time machine, where and when would you travel to?
I’d like to go back and have a lovely meal with my nan and grandad.

Growing up, what were your favourite toys to play with as a child?
Nothing in particular springs to mind but I enjoyed this purple bike. I didn’t fit properly on the seat as I couldn’t reach the pedals but I wanted to prove I was grown up enough to use the bike.

And finally, if you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Reliable, spontaneous and weird.


Top marks for customer satisfaction

We’ve been carrying out a survey to test how useful the new AA inspection service is to our customers and found that a staggering 96% felt more confident buying from us, knowing it had been completed.
In case you didn’t know, since May 2016, all Georgesons cars are being independently inspected by the AA. This detailed 128-point inspection covers: interior and exterior fittings; engine compartment; electrical controls; front suspension, steering and underframe; rear suspension and underframe; exhaust and fuel systems; transmission, brakes, wheels and tyres and a road test covering 3 miles at speeds up to 40mph. In a bid to maintain our transparent approach to selling cars, we’ve made the AA reports available for customers to view online via a link on the car details page.
In addition to the peace of mind offered by this report, every car inspected by the AA also comes with 24-hour roadside assistance for 12 months or member upgrade for existing AA members.
We were always confident an AA inspection would prove a great benefit for our customers but finding out how many are reassured by it makes it an invaluable offering.


Liverpool Sleepout - The Whitechapel Centre

We’ve been looking for ways to support our Charity of the Year, The Whitechapel Centre, in addition to our donations from profits (now totalling just under £1000) and we’ve come across the most perfect opportunity. The Whitechapel Centre has just announced it’s taking bookings for its third annual sponsored sleepout and we’re going to register to take part. Our team will be sleeping out in the grounds of St Nick’s Church in Liverpool on October 14, along with lots of other fundraisers hoping to raise awareness of homelessness as well as funds for The Whitechapel Centre.
We’ll keep you posted with our progress and hopefully share some photos after the event but for now, you can find out more about our fundraising efforts for The Whitechapel Centre and donate if you feel so inclined, on our Just Giving page


Team Georgesons expands...

We’ve welcomed a few new members to the Georgesons’ family recently and thought it’d be nice to make some introductions. In typical ‘new starter initiation’ style, we thought we’d pose a few abstract/irrelevant questions that will no doubt fill them full of dread, but hopefully give us an insight into their ‘other selves’; the side that comes out after work hours…
We’re beginning with our new Head of Sales, Chris Bentley, who returned to Georgesons’ in April after a brief hiatus spent honing his sales and management skills at Mercedes Benz. Crowned Mercedes’ Sales Manager of the Year in 2014, Chris re-joins the fold fully equipped to help drive the business to even greater heights. Starting out with Georgesons back in 2001, Chris is a familiar face among staff and customers but while his time away may have made our hearts grow fonder, it did nothing for his tea making skills. Thankfully, he’s a whizz at managing a sales team.

Here’s Chris’ responses to our icebreaker questions:

You’re to be stranded on a desert island. What object would you most like to have with you and why?
A kindle with all of the books in the British Library installed – when can I go??

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?
Necker Island to see how the fabulously wealthy live.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?
A house on Necker Island.

You’ve been given access to a time machine, where and when would you travel to?
Like Biff Tannen in Back To The Future II, I can’t deny I would use this to make myself rich and famous by going back in time and betting my house on Buster Douglas to beat Mike Tyson in 1990.

Growing up, what were your favourite toys to play with as a child?
He-Man and Star Wars figures.

And finally, if you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Crazy, sexy, cool. Oh wait, that’s TLC’s album. I would be loyal, passionate and friendly.


The Winner Takes It All?

Founder of the Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, promoted the idea that winning is not what’s important; it’s the taking part that counts. Contrarily, nine-time Wimbledon champion, Martina Navratilova, argued: “Who ever said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose that counts,’ probably lost.” Usually, we’d tend to agree with the Baron but as we’re sitting here holding on tight to a sparkly glass plaque, emblazoned with the word WINNER, we’re feeling a slight affinity with Martina’s rhetoric.
Last Thursday (June 23), the great and the good from the UK car industry donned their best glad rags and came together to find out who’d won each of the 12 coveted Auto Trader ‘Click’ awards. Now in their ninth year, they ‘celebrate excellence in digital car retailing and are awarded following close scrutiny of objective research and by an independent panel of judges.’ This year’s judging panel featured digital experts drawn from a full range of retail sectors including Rightmove, Amazon, LinkedIn, MEAT, and AOL.
So there we were, alongside industry peers, vying for number one spot in our category, ‘Best Integrated Marketing Approach – Independents’ and the tension was palpable. Beads of sweat dripped off the nose of our GM as nominations were announced. At that moment, we were standing arm in arm with the Baron, a show of solidarity for the ‘taking part’s all that matters’ brigade. But then six words changed everything. The Baron was suddenly history and Martina took our outstretched hand in hers. The thrill of victory was upon us and there was no going back. ‘AND THE WINNER IS…GEORGESONS CARS’, and so the downfall of the Baron and the rise of Navratilova was complete.
It’s been a week since we won our award and the Baron hasn’t surfaced. Navratilova (the name we’ve given our beautiful plaque) sits proudly in our showroom and on the surface all is well. But. We have a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. It’s only a slight discomfort but discombobulating nonetheless. It gets worse every time we think of the Baron. And we think we know why.
Say, for some mad reason, we hadn’t won our award last week. Would the success of our marketing strategy, the hard work of all our staff and the fact that our business is thriving have meant nothing? Would we have walked away from that award ceremony feeling a sense of failure because we didn’t pip everyone else to the post? Or would we still feel great about Georgesons and proud of the fact we were even in the running? Despite our current euphoric state, we can see it would be the latter. And we think the Baron might just pay us a visit sometime soon...


Excuse me, do you have a moment?

Can we start by asking you a few quick questions? Nothing intrusive or too in depth, just to give us a better idea of our customers' preferences. So first, what kind of things would reassure you when buying a used car? How about knowing the AA had completed a history check on it? And what else would help you buy with confidence? Being told the AA had also carried out a detailed 128-point vehicle inspection on it? And what sort of ‘added extra’ would be appealing when you’re buying this car? Free 3 month AA breakdown cover? No? How about 6 months? Really? Ok what if you were getting free 12 month AA breakdown cover? Surely that would be tempting? Of course it would. And finally what would you say if we said our cars now come with, not just the reassurance of the AA history check, or the AA’s 128-point vehicle inspection or the free 12 month AA breakdown cover, but all three? Yes of course you can call in now, we’re open until 8pm weeknights :-)


Charity Of The Year update

We've finsihed our first month of fundraising for The Whitechapel Centre (our charity of the year, this year) and raised £324 so far through our donations from profits from car sales. We've also put a couple of collection cans in the showroom and our customer's generous donations are filling them up fast. But we don't want our support to end there so we're looking at ways to get involved in fundraising events for Whitechapel in the coming months - we'll keep you updated with our progress...if you're interested in getting involved yourself, head to


A Cut Above

Liverpool-based barber and male grooming extraordinaire, Pete Cranfield, has been successfully building his ‘Cutthroat Pete’ brand since Spring 2013. His Gradwell Street barber shop is recognised in equal parts for its professional, quality service and friendly, relaxed vibe and attracts a loyal and diverse clientele ranging from bank managers to celebrities. In May 2016, Pete will open his second shop, on Jamaica Street in the city’s Baltic Triangle district, allowing him to grow the Cutthroat client base…or as he refers to them, his ‘mates for life’. We caught up with Pete just ahead of the shop opening, to find out a bit more about the man behind the brand.

You’ve been a barber for 12 years now, what’s changed since you started?

It’s definitely more customer service based in the sense that people want more of an experience and not just a quick cut. My appointments last for 45 minutes so I can take the time to chat to my customers and make sure they get a tailored approach, not just a ‘one size fits all’.
The use of social media in promoting my business is another change; the reach of social media allows me to maintain an ongoing source of communication with my customers as well as develop my own knowledge by following other influencers in the industry.

In addition to the barbering and male grooming services you offer, you now sell merchandise and have a very distinctive logo and brand. How important do you think your branding is to your success?

It’s important in the sense it’s allowed me to reach further afield than just the city I work in. I send a lot of merchandise to Australia and the US, markets I wouldn’t have accessed if my offering was limited to barbering and male grooming services. The merchandising helps with spreading brand recognition, for example, Example (ha ha!) was wearing one of my t-shirts when he posted a shot of himself and Calvin Harris on Instagram recently – things like that help my brand get out to a wider audience.

You’ve been described by the Echo as a ‘celebrity barber’ as you’ve got a few high profile customers – is there anyone’s hair you haven’t cut who you’d like to get your hands on?

David Beckham – he’s widely associated with male grooming and is a bit of a style icon for men. I’ve already had ideas about what I believe would work for him. As a person working in a creative industry I think I’ll always be looking for potential opportunities to explore or develop that creativity.

You’ve created playlists for the shop so music is obviously important to you – if you were a guest on Desert Island Discs, what would be the disc you’d save from the waves?

I’m really into country music since my wife introduced me to it when we met around 10 years ago and now I’m probably a bigger fan than her. The first country band I heard was Zac Brown Band and they’ve become a favourite. I’d take their ‘Greatest Hits So Far…’ album.

You’ve said barbering is a lifestyle, not just a job; what else are you passionate about?

Tattoos and body piercing, I’ve lost count of how many tattoos I have now. Cars are a passion for me too. I used to be really into classic cars, particularly VWs and I had a campervan. My dad’s a mechanic so it’s a bit of a shared hobby for us – we enjoy working on cars together when we get time.

What was your first car?
A Vauxhall Nova and I had it for nine months. I don’t tend to keep hold of cars for too long, the longest I’ve ever kept one is a year.

And finally, if Georgesons could deliver you your dream car, what would we be delivering?

A Porsche 911 please!


Advantageous Alliances…

We’re thrilled to bring you news of a blossoming relationship here at Georgesons. It’s early days but the signs suggest this will be a wonderfully successful pairing; the best news is that it’s our customers who’ll benefit most from this newly formed bond.

From May 1st Georgesons and the AA will be working together to ensure our customers have everything they need to buy their used car with confidence.

As you know, our ‘top ten commitments to customers’ already include carrying out a HPI check (the leading vehicle check service) and an extensive pre-delivery inspection on all stock. But you also know we’re continually looking for ways to build and improve on the services we offer customers and this partnership with the AA allows us to do just that, by offering the following:

An AA Inspection - We’ll have an AA mechanic on site to carry out a thorough 128-point inspection on every vehicle we advertise for sale. By employing an independent third party to conduct this inspection, we’re ensuring complete transparency for customers and reassurance without dealer bias/the reassurance that our cars are all they seem to be.

12-months Free AA Breakdown Cover - The AA’s Motor Breakdown Cover has been awarded 5 Stars by independent financial research company Defaqto and every vehicle we sell will come with this as standard. The cover promises you:

- Free 24-hour roadside assistance for 12 months, if you are over a quarter of a mile from your home

- Cover for your car whoever is driving

- If they can’t fix your car they’ll tow you to the nearest garage

An Experian history check – In addition to the HPI check we carry out, AA will conduct their own history check through global information services group, Experian. This advises if the vehicle’s currently recorded as stolen, an insurance write-off or had any plate or colour changes. It’ll also offer mileage data, number of keepers, a current third party trace and let us know if it’s imported.

The AA Inspection and Experian History Check are performed before we advertise the vehicle for sale. If it doesn’t pass either of these checks, it won’t be advertised for sale. All part of our commitment to offering customers a straightforward and transparent sales process.


The Shape Of Things To Come...

Our photo booth is working its magic and creating snazzy images of our stock as well as videos offering a 360-degree view of the cars. We're working our way through each and every advert to update them, all part of our commitment to provide customers with as much information as possible about the cars we sell...and we're not stopping there. Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page (Georgesons Cars) for more exciting developments coming soon...


Charity Of The Year

As a long standing member of both our local community and the wider car industry, we’ve always felt our sense of corporate responsibility should be put to practical use and now we’ve found a way to turn this into a commitment.
We’ve decided to nominate a Charity of the Year each year, so we can offer focused and effective support as well as having the flexibility to work with all the causes we’d like to contribute to.
Starting in April, we’ll be putting our efforts into raising funds for Liverpool-based homeless charity, The Whitechapel Centre. For every car we sell between April 2016 and April 2017, we’ll donate a percentage of our profit to a fundraising account, the total of which will be given to TWC at the end of the year; we’re also looking at ways for our staff to get involved in fundraising events and challenges to bump the total up.
We recently visited Whitechapel’s Enablement Centre to find out how they offer support and how the money we raise can help someone’s journey through homelessness or perhaps even prevent a person becoming homeless. As well as gaining an insight into the positive work they do, we also found out TWC is open 365 days a year and has been helping Liverpool’s homeless for 40 years. The support they offer helps care for some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded people in our community and we couldn’t think of a better partnership to kickstart our commitment to supporting local charities.
We’ll keep you updated on our progress, but in the meantime if you’d like to find out more about the work The Whitechapel Centre does, visit their website



According to recent market research carried out by Auto Trader, almost half of the consumers surveyed who claimed they intended to buy a car in the last six months failed to do so because the research process took longer than expected. In a market where choice has led to more in-depth research, the findings can often be confusing or overwhelming.
At Georgesons, we aim to make life easier for our customers and our FIVE STEP approach intends to do just that:
We give you ACCESS TO THE CARS YOU WANT – our stock profile is informed by the data we collect from both wider consumer research within our industry and our customers.
We use daily updated, market-led pricing to GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICE nationally (so you don’t have to shop around to know you’re getting the best deal).
We offer a part exchange price on your car before you visit the showroom to SAVE YOU TIME on face to face negotiations.
We partner with the best finance providers to bring you the most competitive and AFFORDABLE FINANCE OPTIONS. Our website gives you access to all the relevant info you need to make a decision about funding your vehicle purchase and even lets you apply online if you choose to.
We’re committed to giving our customers the best care and attention and will make sure you deal with the same person throughout the car buying process so we can guarantee you a PERSONALISED SERVICE.
Five steps that’ll help make your life that little bit easier, not too much to ask from your local car dealership is it?


Dizzy with anticipation...

We’re getting a bit excited here at Georgesons as we count down to the dawn of a new age in used car buying that’ll be life changing for us and our customers. We’re not being dramatic; it really is that monumental. Ok, maybe the life changing bit was slightly dramatic but it is pretty amazing. You know we’ve talked about investing in advanced systems and making sure our sales process is as transparent as possible? Well we’re proving talk ain’t cheap around here; we’ve gone and got ourselves the best ever car gadget. We’re in the process of having a turntable car photo booth installed and it’s looking pretty stupendous so far. Once it’s up and running, for us it’ll mean being able to take pictures of cars more efficiently and effectively as we won’t be reliant on the weather or daylight. For you, the customer, it’ll mean you get access to a 360-degree view of all our cars and a high quality image that shows the vehicles in all their glory and offers complete transparency. To infinity and beyond. Or something equally dramatic.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page (Georgesons Cars) for photo updates on the booth’s progress.


Come On Down...The Price Is Right!

Just as our determination to offer the best price for your part exchange underpins our commitment to delivering great customer service, so too does our desire to price Georgesons’ stock competitively.
Part of the reason we remain a thriving business, 60 years after we first opened our doors to the public, is that we’re always looking at ways to learn and evolve. We invest in advanced systems and processes, alongside continuous research and development in modern technologies, to ensure we can pass this on to our customers through our prices and services.
We’ve recently begun to use AutoTrader’s i-Control system, which tracks daily market movements in price and collates huge volumes of data to help us set a pricing strategy that’s the most competitive it can be. This means better deals for you and the reassurance for us that our prices compete with dealers not just locally, but nationally.


Debunking Part Ex Myths...

We want the same thing as our customers when it comes to a deal here at Georgesons, that you get the best we can offer. And we feel the same about your part exchange, so we thought we'd challenge a few misconceptions about the process...

‘Not having a car to part exchange puts you at an advantage when negotiating with a dealer.’

Wrong. A customer having a part exchange to trade in doesn’t affect the dealer’s ability to offer them a reduction on price. A part exchange is a positive rather than a negative because it gives a dealer more stock to potentially make profit on. At Georgesons, we’ll always try and retail a part exchange rather than sending it to auction, so a customer who brings us a part exchange is simply providing us with more stock. The only thing that affects our ability to offer discounts on cars is our price match commitment, which ensures our car prices are checked against similar stock nationwide and set at the most competitive figure. But we’ll still always try to strike a good deal if we can.

‘Dealers always pay less than car buying sites.’

Not true. Car buying sites use a business model that is based on paying you the least amount of cash for your vehicle by ‘chipping’ down their online quotation when they appraise the car, focusing on the negative aspects which lower the car’s value. The vast majority of the cars sold to such sites are headed for auction so the price they can offer is bound to be less than a dealer who has the opportunity to retail for profit.

‘Selling to an online car buying service takes the hassle out of getting rid of your old car.’

Wrong again. What could be easier when you pop along to Georgesons to see that lovely Audi you’ve been weighing up online, than asking one of their friendly sales staff to give a quick valuation for the car you’re currently driving? Instead, you could enter your car details online, get an unrealistic price emailed to you, arrange to take your car in to be negatively assessed so you end up with an offer much less than the one emailed to you, and just when you feel you’ve accepted a far lower price than you should’ve for your car, you get charged a fee for the privilege of selling it. Doesn’t sound so hassle free does it?


A World Without Part Ex?

Despite the huge number of car buying companies hoping to see the demise of the part exchange process, we remain determined to play our part in its survival.
Part exchange (or part ex as we’ve come to know it) is a wonderful service that seeks to encourage unity and harmony within the car community.
When a car-driver partnership has come to the end of the road, and the driver has reluctantly decided to pursue another motor union, part exchange is there to make the break a positive one for all involved. Part ex doesn’t work on the basis of only one driver for each car or one car for each driver, but that both can have many successful matches throughout their lifetime.
Part ex helps a car when it’s at its most vulnerable, and by taking the vehicle through a positive treatment programme, seeks to renew its confidence and vitality so it feels ready to meet a new driver. Part ex is also there as wing man to the recently unattached driver looking to find another car to connect with. If car buying companies get their way, drivers will discard cars as if they were pieces of scrap metal, instead of cherishing the time they had together and moving on amicably.
Help us and part ex to send out the message we’re a nation that values the car-driver relationship and doesn’t want to be part of a world where the vehicles we drive are just a commodity. When you feel ready to call time on your current car coupling, come to us for a part exchange quote and make a stand against those who’ll buy any car.


Happy New Year

We've had a great start to 2016 at Georgesons, what with our annual January sale going down a storm, extra features being added to our website (including this blog) and a shiny new Facebook page springing to life. We’ve been selling cars for more than 60 years at Georgesons and we’ve managed to stick around for so long because of our commitment to great customer service. We aim to make the process of buying a used car as easy and transparent as possible, as well as making sure our customers get great value and the car they want. And that’s what this blog page is all about. We want to offer you as much info about not just the cars we sell, but the process of buying a used car and stuff in the industry that might affect or interest you. We want you to get to know us a bit better and we want to get to know you too, so feel free to offer suggestions for blog posts you’d like to see or comment on the things you have seen. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news, offers and competitions and look out for regular blog posts here.